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Welcome to Flex-C Couplings :

Flex-C Couplings was incorporated in 1987 as a unique initiative in power transmission industry; focuses on creating  technological up gradation  and new inventions  for a broad industrial  applications. Flex-C Group has been  promoted by professionals  in power transmission industry  and is headed by a senior engineering industry professional with global technological experience, the Company has its own in-house strengths to offer complete facilities for couplings Design, Engineering, Machining, Assembly, Testing and Quality Assurance and Support.

Research & Development :

The R & D efforts at Flex-C have helped to enjoy the juicy fruits of success. Flex-C has developed couplings in various designs - Spacer, Non-Spacer, Flanged, External Spider and more. The right choice of materials and tooling is used to deliver the heights standard of quality couplings. Technically qualified promoters,  pursuance,  dedication and futuristic vision  are the strengths of  Flex-C. Constantly pursuing for perfection and satisfaction, Flex-C have achieved fastest growing path in their scale of Industry.

Products : 

Flex-C  is primarily  focusing   on manufacturing of "Jaw type Flexible Couplings"  which are the most popular  and widely  used couplings. These couplings are generally having two cast iron halves having jaws protruding out of the faces which interlock with each other through a elastomeric cushioning membrane called the "Spider" or "Star" various designs in above concepts are developed as below. They are elaborated in the product literature.

01) Type "S" : Standard Star / Spider Couplings.
02) Type "SR" : CI Spacer Coupling.
03) Type "SE" : External Spider Couplings.
04) Type "SRE" : Aluminium Spacer Coupling with External Spiders.

Other types available are K, KR, SN etc as explained on the Product Page. 

Manufacturing : 

Machining and assembly facility of  Flex-C is located at Pune, India, one of the unique and largest industrial estate in Asia popularly known for engineering industries. Flex-C is equipped with sophisticated machines like heavy duty Kirloskar lathes, milling machines, radial  drilling machines, hydraulic rubber molding machines, broaching machines, tool & cutter grinder and allied machinery and dedicated tooling  to consistently achieve component dimensions within tolerances. This ensures high rate of accuracy as well  as perfect alignment. The assembly and testing  facilities incorporates tailor-made fixtures for 100% reliability. 

Quality Assurance : 

Quality is and integral part of the  development, engineering,  production  and planning process at Flex-C. It is built into the project from raw material's inspection,  through on going quality assurance  during production like Totally Quality Management for testing of the final product before  delivery. Flex-C quality levels meet the high standards.

Marketing : 

Flex-C is now a well known brand, approved, proved and established in various types of Industry. Flex-C  has a wide marketing network all over India as well as abroad. Off-the shelf services  are provided at major metro cities in India. Timely delivery and quick after Sales and Services possible  because of dedicated and qualified workforce right from designing of products till professional marketing personnel and qualified service staff. Flex-C products are employed around the wide range of industries including Sugar, Chemical Process, Paper, Power, Steel, Mining etc., 

The highly professionals at Flex-C constantly pursued more ways to benefit the clients. Latest Couplings are being developed. Additional infrastructure is being put into place. 

As a result, constant technological up-gradation and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand.

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