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  • 'Flex-C' Couplings are simple & economic in design. The couplings are easy and fast to install, easy to align, with no lubrication required.

  • The couplings are manufactured from the best quality Graded Cast Iron produced on Induction Furnace,  to get  best   possible and consistent composition, properties and grain structure. Every batch undergoes all the tests in physical and  chemical laboratories. utmost be care taken to ensure that the casting are  free from any porosity, blow holes or any  other irregularity.

  • The couplings are machined very accurately, closest to the tolerances in a well equipped machine  shop. Specially  trained Engineers and Shop Supervisors assure the consistent quality and superb finish.

  • Both the diameters of couplings are machined at one time, so they are 100%concentric.

  • The critical dimensions are inspected in a three point inspection program to deliver customer a 100% reliable product.

  • Coupling are Phosphated in-house to prevent them from rusting and giving them a highly elegant look. Painting is  purposely avoided as it covers the blow holes/porosity  in the castings.

  • The flexible rubber elements (Star / Spider / Strip / Pad) are also manufactured in-house with best quality Synthetic rubber  - Nitrile on automated hydraulic moulding machines. These components  thus possess highest compression /tensile  strength, durability and mirror like finish.

  • Couplings and rubber elements are tested to two times the rated torque and no distortion of any kind  is observed.

  • Couplings are manufactured in various designs STANDARD, SPACER, EXTERNAL SPIDER, PAD TYPE, FLANGE TYPE,  etc., to suit most of the customer requirements.

  • The couplings design is simple & economic and facilitates quick installation and easier alignments.  These couplings can take parallel misalignments up to 0.4mm and angular misalignments up to 1.5 degree.

  • Couplings can be supplied with Boring & Key-way as per customers requirements, on request, at extra charges.

  • We are in process of expanding our Dealers Network and Dealership Enquries form Domestic / International Agencies are soliciated.
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